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 General Dynamis Rules

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PostSubject: General Dynamis Rules   Sun Jun 17, 2007 10:34 pm

-You must be no later than 45 minutes into the event (when we enter) to gain an attendence point for that day. You must attend the majority of an event to gain an attendence point for that event.

-You may put up to 2 AF2's to lot on in your search comment before each dynamis. You may not have more than 1 manaburn AF2 in your comment per dynamis but you may have 2 non-manaburn AF2's if you so choose. Manaburn AF2 consists of the following jobs: RDM, BLM, BRD, SMN, WHM.

= OK.

Example #2:

Example #3:
= OK.

-You must be 65+ in the job(s) you are lotting for.

You must be 70+ in the job(s) you are lotting for in Northlands Dynamis.

-You may only win 1 AF2 per dynamis. No exceptions.

-If you are caught going AFK for a long period of time only to come back to lot AF2 shortly after you return, think again. Only members who work hard will obtain AF2 in this LS, period. That being said, we are obviously talking about very long AFK times (20-30 minutes) and short breaks are allowed so long as you let myself or an officer know before you go. The reason for this is that we want our LS running at 100% efficiency and if we have members constantly going AFK for long periods of time we cannot do this effectively.

-Always use /assist in dynamis and always turn auto-target OFF before we enter. Soloing mobs will not be tolerated. There is no need for it and it just causes deaths. If you are unsure of what /assist means than please keep reading.

Example of an /assist macro used in dynamis:
/assist Ion

Difficult right? Wrong. If you don't feel like making a macro, feel free to type /assist Ion than hit your spacebar and you can manually do it each time. Macroing /assist is obviously the best bet.

-All AF2 will be subject to free-lot for those which have that particular AF2 in their comment each dynamis (for non-northlands runs).

-All AF2 from northlands dynamis (Xarcabard and Beaucedine) will be subject to attendence-based lotting. Every AF2 won from a northlands dynamis run will result in -7 attendence points from the person winning that AF2.

This rule is to make sure the same people are not getting the important AF2 from northlands runs than coming back a week later and getting another one. We want AF2 to be spread throughout the LS as equally as possible but at the same time a few events later that person will be up at the top of attendence again and can lot again. We also want to give priority to our top attending members to reward them for their hard work and dedication to the LS.

-All currency will goto the LS sackholders to purchase future dynamis glasses. When sufficient currency is obtained to purchase multiple glasses for future dynamis, currency obtained from dynamis will be split between those who did not obtain AF2 during that specific dynamis. Once we start to run low on funds for dynamis again, currency will go back to going to the sackholders to purchase future dynamis glasses. To obtain currency money you must be there for the entire event, being late by 30 minutes will still allow you to obtain currency money but any more than that you will not. You may not go AFK for a long period of time and still obtain currency money. (Long period of time= 30min+)

-Attendence will come into play doing northlands dynamis. Top attending members will have priority. Keep this in mind and always attend events!

-All dynamis runs will start at 11AM EST on Wednesday's and 11AM EST on Sunday's unless otherwise stated on the linkshell message (/lsmes).

-You are expected at the trail-markings atleast half an hour early every dynamis to go over a quick rundown of that current dynamis.

-This is not a 'only log on only when you want help from someone' linkshell, no one is obligated to help you so do not make people guilty if they happen to say no. That being said, feel free to stay in the LS and chat anytime you like.
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General Dynamis Rules
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