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 First Post! HQ Theory.

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PostSubject: First Post! HQ Theory.   Mon Jul 16, 2007 6:57 am

Wooo! First post.

Good day mates,

I sit around in the LS chat alot and I read alot about crafting and some aspirations for high end crafting, as such I thought I'd post this snippit about a HQ theory that I found on some other forum.

I. Introduction

I do not take any credit for the following theories that I will provide. However, there is one theory that was once posted by a highly regarded crafter who made a mistake posting one of the biggest secrets in HQ'ing. He recently deleted his orginal post and comments; nonetheless, I kept a copy of his chart and will present momentarily.

Some of the following theories/facts may be common knowledge or maybe a new concept to you. Regardless where you stand, I decided to share the following theories because I had great success with them and would like to share it with the community. Granted, there will always be a flamer or few among readers, but I really don't care. You continue what you feel is best for your crafting and I will do what I feel is best for me. I'm just here to help people would are stuck and provide assistance.

II. Basic Knowledge

A. Days of the Week in Vana'diel


B. Basis of Light and Dark

Basis of Light = Wind, Lightning, Fire

Basis of Dark = Earth, Water, Ice

C. 11, 31, 51 Tier Cap Level

11 levels over recipe level = 5-10% chance to HQ
31 levels over recipe level = 25% chance to HQ
51 levels over recipe level = 50% chance to HQ

D. HQ Days for Elemental Crystals

Fire Crystal = Water, Dark
Earth Crystal = Fire, Wind
Water Crystal = Earth, Lightning
Wind Crystal = Water, Ice
Ice Crystal = Fire, Wind
Lightning Crystal = Earth, Ice
Light Crystal = Lightning, Light, Dark
Dark Crystal = Light, Dark


You normally HQ when the elemental crystal (i.e. fire) you are using is either on the day before your elemental crystal(i.e. dark) or on the weakest day for your elemental crystal (i.e. water). Also, you have a good chance to HQ with any crystal on either Lightsday or Darksday.

Check the following link for a better idea:


Even though the thread states success and failure for elemental days, this chart is also applicable to what time you craft on, what direction you are facing and elemental moon.


Please have the following links open on other tabs of your browser because we will be referring to it often. This is including this link, following links and a excel file that I will be including soon.

III. Crafting Compass

I'm sure we are all familiar with these but i'm going to post a link:

IV. Time Phases in a Day

Time phases can be found on this site:

V. Moon Phase Percentage

I apologize in advance having an attachment under Excel format. For some reason, I tried to list it here, but it came out all funky. Don't worry the file is safe. Nevertheless, scan it regardless what people say.


Before reading this portion, take a quick glance at the spreadsheet to get a general idea what's going on and leave it open. I broken down each moon phase into 7 days. However, notice how there are 8 days in one Vana'diel week. The one day that is left out will be considered the moon strongest with that elemental. For example, 90%~95% FM is Earthsday Moon. However, if you check any Waning or Waxing there are 14 days in that phase. Again, there are 16 days in two Vana'diel week and the two days that are left are what elemental the Moon is the strongest. I broke it down to two parts for your convenience.

VI. Cracking the HQ Code

Ok, let's get to the good part. Remember this is combination of other theories I have read on other sites and incorporate them as my own. Again, you may think this is hogwash, but I don't really care. Keep on doing what you think works best for you.


I will break down the explantion into three parts: moon phase percentage, time phases, and direction.

A. Moon Phase Percentage

I made a comment in a thread about Panther Mask +1. However, when I re-read the quote that the individual reposted. I found an error in his moon phase percentage. He is off by one segment percentage. He had the right idea about the day missing from the week, but I found his explanation ambiguous. Anyways, let's get to the point.

I am a high level smither, so I am going to use Earth crystal as my example. Now, since I am going to synth with a Earth crystal, I have 3 moon phases I can choose from to HQ an item by looking at my Excel spread sheet (24-38 WXC, 43-29 WNC and 90-95 FM). Why craft with an Earth crystal on Earthsday Moon? Well, look at it this way. By looking at our elemental chart, Earth crystal on Earthsday gives you 4 stars for success and 3 stars for HQ. Hence, we are going to use this concept here. I mentioned it earlier, but reiterating again to be a constant reminder.

Now, that we have the Earthsday Moon to back us up on our craft. This gives us a better chance to succeed and HQ on Firesday and Windsday compared to crafting on these days without the Earthsday Moon backing us up.

Nevertheless, why craft on those days previously mentioned when the success rate is 1-2 stars? Earthsday Moon will help you in your crafts, but not to the point where you will get 3-4 stars for success. That's why there is Lightsday! It would be nice to have Earthsday with Earthsday Moon since it's 4 stars for success and 3 for HQ, but you probably noticed already there is no such thing. Hence, that how we have Earthsday Moon due to the absence of Earthsday during the Vana'diel week.

Looking at our elemental chart once again, Lightsday is 3 stars for success and 3 stars for HQ. Thus, for now, we now know that the best time to craft with Earth crystal is any moon phase with Earthsday Moon on Lightsday. In addition, if you refer to our Basis of Light and Basis of Dark, Earth is part of Dark and since we are crafting on Lightsday, we have a good chance to HQ due to them being opposites.

B. Time Phases In a Day

Since majority of the explanation was done in section A, time phases is no different. If you look at the time chart provided by Mikejustice, you noticed we got Earthsday time! So, obviously the best time to synth is either Earthsday or Lightsday time. Of course, we can try to HQ on Firesday, Windsday or Darksday time if you fairly high over the recipe cap level, but why would you risk it. Remember I'm still talking about Earth crystal if you forgot.

C. Crafting Compass (Direction)

You're getting the hang of it, so you know where this explanation is going. Earth and Light direction is desirable; nontheless, you can be bold and face Fire, Wind or Dark direction.

VII. Conclusion

When JP crafters were HQing like crazy and us NA fledgings were just geting started in crafting, we always thought that the best time to HQ is on Lightsday Full Moon NorthEast. This led to statements like, "Full Moon is the best time to HQ" without knowing the facts. What we didn't realize is that those were good variables for Earth crystal. If you haven't noticed, most good items synth are from Earth crystal.

What I did not add to this guide are moghancements and weather. I am not too familiar and it hasn't create a probleam to the point where I would look into it. I was HQing fine with moon phase, time and direction covered. Please if you know anything about moghancements and/or weather, contribute to this thread. To all your skeptics, flame on!

I'm very tired and I'm pretty sure I missed some things which I will edit every now and then. If you have a question or are perplex with my guide, feel free to leave a comment or question and I will gladly answer.

VIII. My Thoughts (New Add!)

Well, here I am adding some stuff to my guide. I figured I will type up what I know about moghancements. It's not much and it fairly common knowledge, but I thought it was worth typing and noting.

Here's a good link about moghancments:

A. Moghancments

So far, what I had typed has been what the possible best conditions to HQ. However, that is not the only way to HQ items. Again, I will be using Earth crystal as my example. Remember, how I mentioned that it's best to craft on anything related to Lightsday (day, direction and time) compared to Windsay and Firesday (day, direction and time) because the possibility of success and HQ'ing on an average is best? Well, there is where moghancements come in.

By looking at our elemental chart, Windsday or Firesday are worst conditions to have to succeed a synth, yet the absolute best to HQ an item. That's why you see high level crafters fill their moghouse with moghancements associated with the crystal they are synthing with. In my case, I would fill my Mog House with moghancement: earth. So, I'm looking at the moghancement section, the item that I want to fill my Mog House with are Bureaus. This is the same concept why gardeners fill their Mog House with Maple Tables.

Ok, let's use an example to better illustrate what I am typing. Again, Earth crystal is our example. Let's say I want to synth a HQ item like Royal Cloak. Without moghancements, I would do the usual 100% FM Lightsday facing NorthEast since this is safe and best in average. You don't have to neccesarily craft on 100% FM Lightsday, you can craft on 33% WXC Lightsday or 33% WNC. I'm using the 100% FM as an example. Now, with moghancements, I would want to craft on Firesday facing Firesday direction on Firesday time. Why would I do this? Because not only do you have the Earthsday Moon to back you up but the overwhelming Earth energy from the furnitures also!


I know that reading the section for moghancement, there is going to be one common question that most of the readers are going to ask, so I am going to address it here.

Question: Since you use Earth crystal as your example, why not craft on Earthsday Moon on Firesday time, Firesday direction with fire moghancements or craft on Firesday Moon on Firesday time, Firesday direction with earth moghancements?

Answer: Sure, you can craft under those circumstances. Hell, you can craft under all Windsay, Darksday or Firesday conditions. That's the beauty of HQ is that there are infinite possibilities when to HQ. Nevertheless, remember this guide is to HQ under the best conditions. To HQ under the best conditions is a good average success rate and good average HQ rate. So, you have to give a little to gain a little.

Well, there's moghancements in a nutshell. Now, I provided two types of HQ method: the safe route and the risky route. Most crafters prefer the risky route since the chance of HQing are higher and they may not lose the materials that they are using if the synth failed. Personally, I like the safe route because I like to show off in public. It's all personal preference for you.

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PostSubject: Re: First Post! HQ Theory.   Tue Oct 30, 2007 5:54 am

Alchemy 100+2 (+3)
Mogenhancement = Darkness
Cursed Mail -1 = 0/50

I tried to HQ this mail 40 times now, i have gone from 2% darksday to
I have succeeded to HQ every other cursed from alchemy, included
Cursed Mask -1. http://koti.welho.com/epunavaa/Cursedmask-1.png
Any advices? Of course im not much of a believer, and yea its basicly 1% chanse of HQ, so i dont expect it to HQ easily
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First Post! HQ Theory.
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